Wonderful attorney with the warmest heart

(5 star rating on Avvo.com)

Miss Deborah G Fiss, Esq. was referred to me by another very experienced attorney who is no longer attending the Queens county family court. I feel I am so fortunate from the bottom of my heart to have Debbie representing me in the family court for my son’s custody. Debbie is very experienced attorney in the court system and she always answer and reply my question and concern immediately, I was surprised that one time she replied to me right away around 3am after I wrote her a email. She taught me a lot what is right and what is proper in the court system. Most important she is always on the positive side to view everything, guide me with bigger picture in future and best interest for my 2 yrs old son, helping me to go through the most difficult time in my life. Debbie always keep my expenses low to make sure that I don’t waste unnecessary money in the court. I see Debbie in two sides which I love both, she is totally a Dragon Lady when she is court fighting for me and she becomes a sweetheart once she is not in the court with her smiles and her caring. Debbie taught me to take one step back that we can see a bigger and beautiful world in front of us which will benefit me the rest of life. I was worried and crying when I was in her office second time, and now I am much more confident and relax. To me, Debbie is an Angel! Debbie makes me have joy tears when I see her smiles. She is supporting me in every possible way. Also I want to mention Debbie’s office assistants Anita and Ingris are so nice and make me feel very comfortable and very supportive when I called and when I was in Debbie’s office. If anyone seeking an attorney in the family court, Miss Deborah G. Fiss, she is the One and she is the Best!

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