Debbie Fiss is the Divorce Attorney Whisperer

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I retained Debbie to represent me in my divorce, and immediately she protected my legal rights, and I feel she will continue to look after the best interest of my child and I. Since my first meeting with Debbie I was convinced that she was going to be my attorney. Debbie is a personable, compassionate and positive person. She genuinely cares about her clients. She will not promise you the world but she will be realistic and her clients’ interests are always paramount.

Her dedication to her clients is unwavering. You definitely want her to represent you and be on your side, and not as the opposing attorney.

As an attorney, her confidence, experience and efficiency speaks volumes. She is able to assess a situation logically and quickly and then provide the appropriate legal advice. Debbie also established respectful and professional working relationships with opposing attorneys. It also speaks volumes when her opposing attorneys like and respect her (her AVVO peer endorsements and client reviews are spot on!). Therefore I think that Debbie is like the “divorce attorney whisperer”—she can be persuasive and achieve a desired end result that is fair and respectful to all involved (although I have seen her claws come out when it was necessary).

She also has an equally caring and dedicated support staff. It is apparent that her staff enjoys working for Debbie. Moreover I was able to directly observe Debbie teach a new support staff person. Debbie genuinely wants her new hire to do well and succeed. In fact, her paralegals have worked for her for over 10 years.

I feel confident that Debbie will continue to represent me well in my ongoing divorce matter. Her practice is solely dedicated to family law (divorce and separation) and child custody. She is unlike many others attorneys that are “jack of all trades,” who will take your divorce case and provide inadequate legal representation. Therefore, I recommend Debbie Fiss for any matrimonial and custody matter without reservation.

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